Sell Wax crayonsTransfer Paper

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Product:Dark Wax crayons Transfer Paper
Description:with wax crayons, Oil pastels etc. design and make personalizing T-shirts.
Spec:A3, A4, A (letter) , B (Ledger)

1. Application
Dark wax crayons Transfer Paper became possible to wear transfers with wax crayons, Oil pastels, Fluorescent markers, Color Pencil. Colored wear invites children to design and personalize their favorite T-shirts or any colored fabric. Children like to show off their artwork. Once it's ironed on, the original artwork is simple and easy to transfer to a T-shirt. The colors are retained. The products in this series are a color 'n wear tee shirt kit with iron-on paper, a large T-shirt, and washable markers. There is also a starter kit, party pack, and a mouse pad kit. These are great projects for creative fun for the summer- time or any time. This product is recommended with wax crayons, Oil pastels, Fluorescent markers, Color Pencil etc. for T-shirts, aprons, gift bags, mouse pads, wool garment, photographs on quilts etc.
2. Advantage
Customize Fabric with favorite photos, color graphics and with maker for painting.
Designed for vivid results on white or light-colored, dark colored cotton or cotton/polyester blend fabrics
Ideal for personalizing t-shirts, canvas bags, aprons, gift bags, wool garment, mouse pads, photographs on quilts etc.
Transfer peels off easily after cooling
Iron on with a regular household iron
3. Transfer processing
a. After the image printing, cut outer edge of image with knife (for shirts, tote bags, etc) .
b. Press the adhesive clear polyester film or grease proof paper onto it with the printed image facing upwards
c. Set the iron to the wool temperature and do not add water to the iron. Iron on the surface of clear polyester film, Iron the image area for 15--25 seconds.
d. Peel the transfer starting at the corner. USE CAUTION, PAPER WILL BE HOT!