Sell Wazaphone Voyageur VOIP USB phone

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The Wazaphone Voyageur is a miniature USB phone ideal for travellers (business, technicians, sales reps, etc. ) that allows them to call their company, their customers or their families using their laptop computer equipped with an Internet connection.

Thus, the user can call any IP Wazatel phone (no cost for the calls) , or any traditional,
phone (cost of a local call) from a hotel, a train station, an airport, a restaurant, a conference centre or a shopping centre. The computer must have a USB card, a Windows. 98/ME/2000/XP operating system, and an Internet connection with a minimum brand width of 29kbps.

The telephone is delivered with a software application that converts your computer in the blink of an eye into a real phone communication tool to make calls throughout the world.

The Wazaphone Voyageur can also be used as a conference device for telephone conferences with other Wazatel telephones (no call costs) or with fixed network phones (cost of a local call) .