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We are looking distributor or wholesaler for collagen You May Also Be Interested In: bovine collagen fresh water fish natural cosmetics
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NVENTIA Polish Technologies Sp. z o. o. is an author, an owner and, at the same time, the sole manufacturer of biologically active natural collagen created with the application of chemical modification in order to increase its durability, thermal stability and purity.

The goal to obtain a product with the highest parameters of application was the reason why the renowned specialists in the field of biochemistry, biotechnology and cosmetology have been associated with our company, enriching their experiences with the most up to date knowledge in cooperation with research institutions.

The work on the development of our product has been taking place for nearly two years. Throughout this period it has been subject to careful laboratory analyses and clinical studies targeted at obtaining the superlative form of biologically active protein with the texture of transdermal gel.

The imperative goal of our company is the manufacture of high quality natural cosmetics beneficial for our health and manufactured in perfect harmony with the environment.

The company capital comes in 100% from Polish investors, therefore Kolagen Naturalny Inventia - unikalna formuĊ‚ a 5-23 (Inventia Natural Collagen  unique formula 5-23) is a wholly Polish product that meets the requirements of the EU that enable it to find its place in the world market.


Collagen comprises approx. 30% of the total mass of human proteins, and it is responsible for resilience, firmness and appropriate moistness of skin and the constant renewal of its cells. Age related growing deficit of collagen in the organism leads to many unfavourable changes including the changes to skin and contributing to the loss of its resilience and appropriate moistness that as a result leads to development of wrinkles.

Synthetic collagen applied in cosmetics and collagen obtained from mammalian skins have not brought satisfying results since no biologically active collagen has been obtained so far that would have the structure of aminoacid chains almost identical with those in human body. Also bovine collagen has been falling out of favour because of BSE, therefore other sources of obtaining collagen are being sought. This has been the path of Inventia Polish Technologies, which, on the basis of the most modern scientific reports and our own research, has lead to the acquisition of natural collagen from piscine skins of noble fresh water fish.

The collagen manufactured by our company is a natural transdermal gel containing over 80% of collagen in the dry mass and maintaining its spatial structure of triple helix in the room temperature (from 5:C to 23:C) .

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