Sell We provide solid liquid separation machine for mineral dressing

We provide solid liquid separation machine for mineral dressing You May Also Be Interested In: ceramic disc filters filter plates solid liquid separation solid liquid separation machine vacuum ceramic disc filters
Our vacuum ceramic disc filters are widely used in the beneficiation of such ore concentrates as Iron ores, Gold, Copper, Copper Sulfide, Nickel, Zinc, Lead, Molybdenum, Phosphorus, Sulfur, Quartz Sand, and Fluorite. A complete and up-to-date customers list will be provided upon request.

The ceramic filter consists of Ceramic Filter Plates, Rotator, Slurry Tank, Discharge Scraper, Distributor, Agitating Device, Back-Washing (including Ultrasonic & Acid cleaning) , Frame, Vacuum System, Pipe System, Filtrate Discharge System, Automatic Lubricating System, Automatic Acid-Dosing System, Discharge Chute, Valve And PLC
Automatic Control System (can be built into remote control system) .

The system can be customized by adding cake washing system if required.
Driven by the main shaft, the filter plates rotate to scrapers. Under effect of vacuum system (vacuum pump, filtrate tank, distributor and relevant pipes) , the filter plates below slurry level absorbs the particles and the materials absorbed on the plates are dewatered. The filtrate goes into filtrate tank where from it is drained through discharge system (filtrate pump and relevant pipes) or recycled. When
the filter plates reach the position of scraper, the cake is taken off by scraper and then fed through discharge chute onto conveying belt. After discharge of material, the filter plates are cleaned by back washing system (cleaning takes place once after each circle of rotation) . So a few of residues caused by discharge by the scraper are cleaned out, and the function of filter plates is restored during next round of operation.
After certain time (normally, 7 hours) , it is necessary to clean the filter plates by means of detergent (normally nitric acid depending on characteristics of material to be filtered) and ultrasonic. So the materials & foreign matters stocked in micro pores of filter plates or remained on the surface of filter plates are removed, and the function of filter plates is restored.
The ceramic filter adopts PLC full-automatic control system with friendly GUI touchscreen. Both full-automatic and manual operation are possible to provide our customers with flexibility & convenience.
In some cases, customers may require cake wash to reduce salt content etc. Under such circumstances,
we can tailor our system by adding relevant pipelines and water spray system to meet their individual demands.

PC series Vacuum Ceramic Filter
Important Features include but not limited to:

. High vacuum degree with maximum of -0.098MPa, low moisture of filter cake, normally 2-4% lower than moisture of the cake by traditional filters;
. Low power and energy consumption, 10-20% of that of traditional filters;
. Clear and transparent filtrates. Solid content is normally lower than
21mg/l and filtrate can be recycled or disposed of without harm to the environment;
. Little pollution, environmentally friendly, safe and reliable;
. Ceramic Filter Plate is long service life, easily replaced and doesn!/t require intensive labor work;
. Dewatering cost is normally 18.8-40.1% of that of traditional filters;
. Automatic and continuous operation, low maintenance cost, high filtration efficiency;
. Lower metal loss and higher metal recovery
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