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2,4 - dichlorophenol
Alias 4,6  Dichlorophenol 2,4-DCP
Molecular formula C6H4Cl2O
Weight 163.00
CAS 120-83-2
Density 1.383
Melting point 41-44 Degree Celsius
Boiling point 209-210 Degree Celsius
Flash point 113 Degree Celsius
And the appearance of characters the white crystals
Use for pesticides, pharmaceutical intermediates for the synthesis of Nitrofen, 2,4 - D, phosphorus than Iraq (EPBP) , grams of powder drugs, and drug ester grid mite sulfur double-dichlorophenol.
Content 99% Minimum
Packaging 250 kg per barrel
Supply Capacity
400 tons Per Month
Power Requirements
4000 tons