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We supply all kinds of springs .

We supply elical-coil spring : helical-coil spring , type BT-02 : These products are widely using inside items like flashlight , batteries , water pipe , toy , automobile , machine, etc.

Springs : extension spring type BT-3 : These products are widely using in many industry such as relay , office chair , sports equipment , automobile , vehicle , machine, etc.

Diversiform spring: diversiform spring type BT-08: These products are widely using in many industry such as flashlight, toy, machine, automobile fittings, communication equipment, etc.

Unite-tight spring: unite-tight spring type: BT-05: These products are widely using in many industry such as toy, tool, machine, automobile fittings, etc.

Small spring : the minimum wire diameter of our small spring is "0.2MM , which mainly apply in on-off of electric screwdriver , two-double screwdriver, etc. small extension spring, such as 230g, 140g, 150g, 270g apply in relay and all kinds of flashlight, toy, compression spring, torsion spring and diversiform spring in butter pipe.

Automobile spring: These products are widely using in automobile industry, like automobile fittings and accessory.

Stainless steel spring: stainless steel spring, which mainly apply in spray-paint gun, water-rushing machine, valve, etc.

On-off spring : These products are widely using in many kinds of on-off , especial using in gun-drill ( include single speed on-off, double speed on-off , brake on-off , etc . )

Stainless steel needle: We are specialized in producing stainless steel spring, stainless steel needle using in comb, and flashlight.

Shift steel wire: These products could shift the gear wheel, mainly apply in gun-drill, machine, etc.

Exactitude spring: Our factory are specialized in producing exactitude spring, and completely have produce equipment and test equipment. The kinds of products contain extension spring , compression spring , torsion spring , helical-coil spring , snap spring , batteries spring , spring patch , oil-encapsulation spring , strange shape spring , mainly using in valve , automobile fittings , etc .

Steel wire clasp: These products are apply in many pothooks of handcraft, also in machine, etc.

Oil- encapsulation snap coil: These products are widely using in the soft plastic packing machine, and using in changing the altitude bulb.

Wire-painted spring: These products are mainly apply in electron, electronic equipment.

Coppery spring: These products are made of copper as the clients special request, which are use in incise equipment, electron, electric equipment, etc.

Strange shape spring : We are specialized in producing strange shape spring , torsion spring which has been puckered several times , spring use in anode and cathode of battery , snake shape spring , olive shape spring , pentacle-clip.

Gear wheel spring: gear wheel spring is mainly apply in gun-drill , and also apply in many industry like on-off , automobile fittings .
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