One Time Sell We want to find buyer of HMS1,1&2, Used rail

no image You May Also Be Interested In: used rail r50 r65
- Commodity : HMS1, HMS1&2, Used Rail R50-R65
- Min. Order : 30,000 MT * 12 Months (available spot deal)
- Payment condition : RLC (Buyer Side) , standby LC(at spot deal)
P-Bond 2%(Seller Side)
- Inspection : Loading Port

If you have interested in above condition, Please give me a Soft order(Validity : at least 10 days) .

If you send me a soft order, Our processing will be start. And our seller is genuine end seller.
The seller wants real buyer also.

Please review the our step for dealing as below;
First, The buyer sends a soft order(Commodity, Min. Qty, origin, cutting size, etc)
second, The seller sends a soft offer contained biz process.
Third, The procedure is as below;
1. The NCNDCA will be signed each other. (buyer and seller's mandate)
2. Buyer issues LOI & BCL.
3. Seller issues FCO & contract.
4. Buyer sends the signed contract to seller.
5. Seller sends the signed contract to buyer.
6. The IMFPA will be signed each other. (buyer and seller's mandate)
7. Buyer issues a Non-Operating RLC to the seller.
8. Seller issues a 2% Performance Bond to the buyer. And then the L/C will be opened.
9. First shipment will be begun no later than 45 days from date if the L/C issued.
10. The inspection of commodity will be allowed at the port of loading.
11. The remaining consignment will be at 30 days period after the first shipment.
I hope to make a good business with you.

I look forward to your reply.
Thanks and Best regards.

Jang gu-kang