Sell WeatherPan - Prefabicated fibre cement light weight solid wall panel

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Soben International Products are asbestos free, non-combustible, easy to use and transport; rot proof, anti-bacterial, resistant to insects and mould growth as well as maintenance friendly. They also possess impact resistance, good chemical resistance, moisture / condensation resistance, small expansion rate and low wastage. Their thermal insulation quality also helps save energy. The majority of its products series conform to various British Standards. All Soben International Boards are ISO9001:2000 (Certificate of Conformity of Quality Management System Certification) and ISO14001:1996 (Environmental Management System Certificate) certified and has obtained Certificate of China Environmental Labelling Products Certification.

Currently, Soben International has the following product ranges:

 Artistic Ceiling  Acoustic Series, Color Series, Textured Series
 DuraPanel Series  DuraPanel, DuraPanel-D
 FirePro. Series  FirePro., FirePro-S.
 PVC Foam Board
 WeatherPan / WeatherPan-S
 WeatherPlank Siding Products  WeatherPlank Panel, WeatherPlank Siding, WeatherTrim
 WeatherPro. Series  WeatherPro., WeatherPro.-CP, WeatherPro.-Flex, WeatherPro.-L,



WeatherPan is a prefabricated sandwich panel designed for external and internal non load-bearing partition applications. Its weight is only 1/5 to 1/7 of traditional 120mm block wall, which greatly reduce the foundation costs and transportation costs and is suitable for fast track construction techniques with simple erection. The panel is easy to install and no skilled labor is required. On average, an experienced labor can install 25 m2 panels per day which is 15 times quicker than traditional block wall erection.

WeatherPan provides the benefits of masonry wall without incurring the additional costs of labour and time in wet trade plastering. The panels when joined together not just provide a smooth surface to receive skim coat but also maintain an excellent integrity of the partition making its impact resistance 1.5 times better than that of traditional block wall. A 75mm thick panel will provide the required fire rating, acoustic performance, water tightness and physical strength of a 120mm block wall which in return increase usable area by minimum 5-10%.

WeatherPan is 100% free from asbestos or sepiolite and is a breathing panel which helps in condensation control. The board is manufactured to ISO 9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system, and has obtained the China Environmental Labeling issued by China National Environment Protection Bureau.

WeatherPan comprises of 5mm thick WeatherPro. compressed fibre cement / calcium silicate board facings with WeatherCore which is a lightweight concrete mix of Portland cement, expanded polystyrene bead aggregates and admixture. The sandwich panel is 100% free from asbestos or sepiolite and the manufacturing process including mixing and casting are fully controlled by a central processor.

WeatherPan is designed with tongue and groove jointing systems for easy assembly. The panel provides exceptional dimensional stability and an unrivalled resistance to movement due to effects of moisture or heat. When subject to fire attack above 12000C, the panel wall provides fire resistance up to 3.5 hours without loosing integrity and insulation and will not emit toxic gas. The panel is immune to insect and will not support fungal growth and is unaffected by sunlight and steam.


WeatherPan provides an ideal non-load bearing partition system for high-rise and / or low-rise building construction such as:
 Residential towers and apartments
 Shopping malls
 Military buildings
 Sporting complexes
 Modular housings
 Entertainment buildings and casinos


(i) General
Soben International products are manufactured from a mixture of Portland cement, silica sand reinforced with natural fibres. Products do not contain asbestos, formaldehyde, gypsum or glass fibre.

(ii) Chemical
Face boards

(iii) Performance

Weight - 50mm thick
- 75mm thick
- 100mm thick
- 125mm thick
- 150mm thick
40 kg/m2
58 kg/m2
70 kg/m2
90 kg/m2
100 kg/m2

Thermal Conductivity (BS 874: Part 2:1986) 0.221 W/mK
Flexural Strength (longitudinal) 4.27 MPa
Flexural strength (transverse) 4118 N
Moisture Movement 0.06%
Moisture Content 9%
resistance to continuous heating 800C
Surface alkalinity pH 7-10
(Face boards) BS476: Part 4
EN ISO 1182
GB8624-1997, Grade A
Fire rated partition BS 476: Part 22 & GB/T9978 2 hour FRP
Water tightness to BS 4315: Part 2: 1970 No water leakage after 6 hours continuous water spray
Partition stiffness - heavy duty grade
(BS 5234: Part 2 :1992, Annex A)
Max. deflection - 0.29mm
Max. deformation - 0.02mm
Resistance to structural damage by multiple impacts from a large soft body  heavy duty grade
(BS 5234: Part 2: 1992, Annex E) No collapse or dislocation
Surface damage by hard body impact  heavy duty grade
(BS 5234: Part 2: 1992, Annex B) Death of indentation < 0.84mm
Effects of door slamming heavy grade
100 slams after 5minutes (BS 5234: Part 2: 1992, Annex B) Displacement of door frame - 0.76mm
Resistance to crowd pressure  heavy duty grade
(BS 5234: Part 2: 1992, Annex G) No collapse or damage
Heavy weight anchorage (high level wall cupboard) eccentric downward
(BS 5234: Part 2: 1992, Annex K) Residual deformation < 0.4mm
No damage or detachment of anchor
Anchorage Load 45 kg
Acoustic Performance
- 50mm thick
- 75mm thick
- 100mm thick
- 125mm thick
- 150mm thick

37 dB
40 dB
42 dB
44 dB
46 dB