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Cassese MastersTM Wedges (v-nails)

If your underpinner is not a Cassese, you can still access to Cassese quality thanks to Cassese
MastersTM Wedges from Cassese that are for all makes of underpinners using Wedges without
cartridge container:

With longer strips (so to have more autonomy when working) . In packs of 8.000 Wedges (instead of 6000) and a more aggressive price.

Cassese uses an exclusive silicone-based mixing which doesnt leave residue and consequently
avoids jamming. In addition it allows a much better penetration of the wedge into the wood.
Indeed, when penetrating into the moulding, the silicone spreads along the wedge, and thus help it slide and insert much better into the wood.

7 SIZES: Available in 7 sizes for soft and normal wood, 3mm & 4mm (ideal for fillets and slips) are also available on request. Available in 4 sizes for hardwoods.

Available in 2 versions
Type AL(type 11) : for Putnam, Minigraf, Alfamacchine underpinners. Silver for normal wood / Black for hardwoods.
Type UNI(type 10,5) : for almost all makes of nderpinners: White for normal wood / Red for hardwoods.

Qty of boxes per outer (1 box=8.000 Wedges) :
Softwood(SW) : Hardwood (HW) :
08 Boxes - 05MM 14 Boxes - 07HW
04 Boxes - 07MM 10 Boxes - 10HW
10 Boxes - 10MM 09 Boxes - 12HW
09 Boxes - 12MM 07 Boxes - 15HW
07 Boxes - 15MM

Minimum Order: 1 outer per item code. Each order must be per multiple of 1 outer per item code

So trust the best. Trust Cassese.
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