Sell Weed control mat, Ground Cover, Weed barrier

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Weed control mat, Ground Cover, Weed barrier:

1) woven from long-lasting polypropylene tape yarn, designed to block out sunlight, preventing weeds. Its thread design allows wet way quickly leaving the crop drier and cleaner.
The product is easily cut to allow planting to be carried out through the material have demonstrated that the covers can be successfully moved from field and are guaranteed for 5 to 8 years depending on whether you use 100-130 g/m2yarn. The covers with stand normal vehicle traffic.
2) This lightweight, resistant thermal fleece has been improving the earliness, quality and regularity of your harvests for 25 years. Protection against outside aggressions (frost, hail, wind, insects etc. )
Increased temperature and hygrometry thus creating a micro-climate favorable to the growth of your plants and preservation of your soil structure and good permeability to air and water.