Sell Weighing Indicator A10 (Stainless Steel- Waterproof)

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Weighing indicator XK3190-A10 adopts fast feed, high precision; A/D conversion technology, low consumption design (with 2AA dry batteries. In the environment of backlight and ommunication off, 1 load cell at 1000 ohm connection, it could continuously work for more than 100 hours) . It is widely applied in electronic platform scale, floor scale and so on alike static weighing system equipped with 1~4 load cell.

Standard Function:
*High precision A/D conversion with readability 1/30000
*With high precision real clock
*Able to setup zero-tracking range, zero(auto/manual) range
*With option of RS232 output, baud rate selectable
*With built- in 2AA dry batteries
*With option of AC adapter
*Able to adjust backlight brightness with 7 levels and selectable backlight mode
*able to adjust LCD contrast with 7 levels
*Able to read battery voltage from display and auto power off in case of low battery
*Call and display inner code to replace weight observing and analysis tolerance
*Easy to change the indicator for a certain scale just by just inputting calibration rate recorded without recalibration
*Able to set high-ok-low according to a certain weight with both screen display and TTL output