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Contains 9 natural ingredients, two of which are provenance in Japan. It combats fat disposition in several ways, it controls the cycle of weight regain and boosts the process of rapid weight loss. Nine Factor Diet is a totally natural product. It contains no harmful medicine and will not cause any stomach upset or diarrhea.
Merchanism of Action:
1. Reduces calories intake.
2. Reduces fat absorption.
3. Promotes fat burning.
4. Reduces alcohol induced overweight.
5. Absorbs excess fat from food intake.
6. Removes toxins.
7. Relieves stress.
8. Removes excess water.
9. Provides nutrients during slimming
Ingredients: Lingzhi Power, Semen Cassiae Extract, Lotus Leaf, Alisma Extract, Polygonum Multiflorum Extract, L-camitine Tartrate, and so on
Specification: 500mg*30 capsules
Usage & Dosage: Take 1 capsule per day before meal with a glass of water
Storage: Store in a cool and dry place
Hygienic Licence Number: GDFDA2005NO70305J0082
Implement Standard Number: Q/FYK0012-2005
Precaution: Not applicable for those patients with serious heart disease, malfunction of liver or kidney, pregnant women and children.
Keep your figure. Say goodbye to overweight. It`s publicly kown that herbal is the purely natural one which hasn`t any negative effects. Our goal is to provide reliable, safe innovative , effective products.
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