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The F. C. W Forming Machine by to put the belt machine, the clean drying installment, the forming machine, the recover of wire machine, and so on is composed. Core equipment is the F. C. W Forming Machine, forming machine to use the cantilever roller, both was advantageous for replaces the roller, and was advantageous for operation and adjustment, driving roller used the fission type of drive, used the frequency conversion velocity modulation system completely, the procedure controls by PLC completes. The forming machine carries on the parameter establishment and the monitoring production movement with a computer.

Main technical parameter:
Maximum feeding speed of sheath: Vmax: =100m/min
Steel belt size: Thickness : 0.5-0.8mm10.03mm , Width : 10-14mm10.05mm
Diameter of output wire: 2.8 ~3.4
Aggregate: 28kw
Cantilever rollers are adopted in the design of this unit in favor of easy operation and adjustment
Separately with frequency conversion system
Controlled by PLC
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