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Products of Tidybio Mantingfang Wet Paper Towel Series adopt Tidybio Disinfecting Nanoemulsion developed by PLA Academy of Medical Sciences. They have triply effect of disinfection, decontamination and skin moistening, can effectively resist the invasion of AIDS virus and other kinds of pathogenic diseases, can rapidly and effectively get rid of commonly seen pathogenic bacteria. The prescription of nanoemulsion is mild in proper, comfortable and clear without any stimulation. Spunlaced Nonwovens is soft, thick with strong water absorbance and contains no alcohol. ----Can be used as daily disinfection care for hands and skin of all parts of the body, especially when not convenient to use water, such as outgoing, traveling. ----Can be used daily clean care for daily articles, such as leather, telephone, keyboard, utensils, etc. It is no stimulation or toxicity, so it is safe for the aged and children.