Sell Wheat Active Protein

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Brief Introdction:wheat gluten meal is also named wheat active protein . The flour is used as its raw material , and from which extracts a light brown natural grain powder through intensively processing. It is a good solubles protein , containing fifteen amino acid essential for human body . wheat gluten meal will become gluten after mixing with water. It is also convenient for daily use and suitable to steam, roast , fry and mix . After all, it can yet be regarded as a plant protein food looking good , smelling good and tasting good . Wheat gluten meal is not only the essential raw material of bread noodle , fish and meat products , bean products and instant noodles, also the basic raw material of high-grade aquatic food.
Coarse Protein 78%Min, Coarse fat 2%Max, Rate of water absorbent 150%Min
Ash 2%Max, Moisture 10%Max, Fineness 10eyes Min