Sell Wheel Bearing, Auto Wheel Bearing

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We supply many kinds of wheel bearings which have characteristics as follows:
1. High carrying capacity of rated load
2. Good performance of impact resilience
3. Proper clearance adjustment of internal axis
4. No need of filling in grease at installation
5. Preload adjustment is done before installation
6. Excellent sealing performance
7. Easy installation
8. Long service life
Our Primary competitive advantages:
1) Excellent and high quality control
2) Prompt delivery
3) Competitive price
4) Small order accepted
5) Customers' drawing or samples accepted
6) Specialized features/benefits
7) OEM service
Some parts of wheel bearings No:
DAC39720037 DAC39720037B DAC39720637 DAC39740039 DAC40720037 DAC40720037A DAC40740036/34 DAC40740036 DAC40740040 DAC40750037
DAC40750037A DAC40760033/28 DAC40760041/38 DAC408000302 DAC40800031 DAC4080036/34 DAC40820040 DAC408402538 DAC42750037
DAC42750037A DAC42760038/35 DAC42760039 DAC42760040/37 DAC42760040/37B DAC42800037 DAC42800042 DAC42800045 DAC42800342
DAC42800342A DAC42800342B DAC42820036 DAC42820037 DAC42840036 DAC42840039 DAC43790041/38 DAC43800038 DAC43800050/45 DAC43820045 DAC44825037 DAC45800045 DAC45840039 DAC45850023 DAC458500302 DAC45850041 DAC49880046 DAC50900034 DAC39(41)750037A
DAC43/45820037 and DAC43/45850037 etc. . .
Brand Name
TORMAX or Clients'
Terms of Payment
T/T or L/C at sight