Sell White bentonite clumping cat litter from the manufacturer

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As Mineral is committed to producing premium cat litters of good quality which are all combination of performance, safety and value. Introducing the original white bentonite based clumping cat litter in 2003, the Company now operates a packaging and production facility in Istanbul, Turkey which has 1.5 tons per hour production capacity. The Company mines bentonite at its deposits in the Black Sea Region of Turkey which contain a rich reserve of nearly 2 million tons of Calcium Bentonite.

As Mineral offers 100 % natural products which has many superior features common to all of its products:

Superior clumping ability, easy to scoop
Absorbs ammonia and urine odors quickly and naturally
Have a natural talc powder like aroma which comforts the cats
Long lasting, requires less frequency of changing and more economic

The product range consists of two types, with traditional size granules and small granules, sold under the Companys brands AKCAT Standart and AKCAT Compact respectively, available in 10 kg. PE bags. As Mineral Ltd . also produce under Private Label basis.