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Air-dried density 0.748g /cm3 . Sapwood is buff, heart wood is tawny or light brown. Base density is 0.603g /cm3. It is applicable to furniture, flooring, etc.
Keep the floor dry, clean and avoid contacting with large quantities of water. Alkali, soap, and other corrosive liquids are not allowed to clean the floors to avoid damaging the coating film; Dry cotton mops can be used but not wet mops, petrol, flammable and high-temperature liquids.
Depending on smoothness of the floor, coat it with earth wax at regular intervals. First, clean the floor with not too wet dishcloth and coat the floor with earth wax. To coat the surface of the floor evenly and make "infiltration" . Then, after slightly dry, wipe the floor with dry and soft cloth until smooth.
If there is water on the ground, dry it with dry and soft cloth immediately, after that, do not let it directly exposure to the sun or parched with an electric bakery to avoid too dry and split floor.
It is better not to let the floor directly exposure to the sun to avoid painting splitting and too early aging under UV rays.
Dont throw matches or cigarette butts on the floor readily to avoid charring floor surface; avoid scratching the floor by sharp objects and dont put heavy items on it for a long time.
It is necessary to open the windows regularly if the paved floors are not used for a long time, dont cover the floor with plastic sheeting or newspaper. As time goes, coating film will lost luster. At the same time, dont let high temperature objects directly contact floor. If indoor air humidity is below 40%, increasing humidity; otherwise, above 100%, take measures to eliminate humidity.
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