Sell Whole Chili, Chili Granules, Chili Powder

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We can supply all kind of chili, now l offer products?specification and price as follows:
1) Dried whole chile
TIANYING CHILI, Size: 3-9cm ,
QIUBAI CHILI, Moisture: 15% max. Admixture: 0.5% Mix Color: 5%max. , Size: 6-12cm (without seed) , Above packing in p. p. bag of 25kgs, 12MTS/40FCL
Size: 5-10mesh(withseed) , Packing in woven bag of 25kg,
20-30mesh (without seed)
60 mesh (with seed)
Above packing in bag of 25kgs(bag have three layer, inner is plastic, middle is brown paper, outer is woven bags) 14MTS/20FCL