Sell Whole Leaf SUPER Strength Kratom

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Kratom Wholesale is a worldwide grower/exporter of fresh Kratom (mitragyna speciosa) products to WHOLESALE importers. We maintain the only LEGAL plantaition of verified Kratom in the world!!!
Super Whole Leaf Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is the strongest unprocessed Kratom leaves you can buy. When fresh only three of these leaves chewed in a quid will have very euphoric effects!!! The trees that produce these leaves are very rare so limited amounts of Super Leaf will be available. The Kratom leaves are harvested then dried naturally in the sun over a number of days. Super Whole Leaves are what we use to produce our Super Powdered Kratom; most of these leaves are 20 cm in length or better. We offer these as an alternative to our Super Powder so you can use them in the method of your choice.
Results of quantitative analysis of Kratom were done by MJB Botanicals for this product is an average of 300mg alkaloids per 25gm. This is based on the fact that our Instant Super Powder is produced using our Super Whole Leaves.
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