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TRAUMASCAN is intended to produce digital radiographic wholebody imaging of injured and surgical patients for the purpose rapid diagnosis.

Imaging Technology

The TRAUMASCAN system is based on enhanced linear slotscanning technology which produces digital radiographic images with a flexible format and selectable spatial resolution just in seconds. The quick Xray diagnostics are based on performing the following kinds of examinations:

1. Wholebody (overview) Xray images by rapid consecutive Xray scanning of the lower and upper body regions of injured patients;
2. Largeformat images (including the spine and cervical spine) by Xray scanning of the injured patients in AP and LP views;
3. Highresolution conventional Xray images which obtaining standardformat (35 cm x 41 cm) flat panel Xray receiver or CR imaging plates.


* Emergency Departments/ Emergency Rooms;
* Trauma Centres;
* Trauma Resuscitation Units;
* Radiology departments of clinics;
* Military Mobile Hospitals;
* Emergency Mobile Hospitals.

Design Features

1. The Xray tube assembly and digital Xray detector are mounted on the Carm, which can be both moved linearly along the patient and turned at an angle of up to 100 degrees around the patient;
2. The wholebody image of a patient is obtained by combining together the two largeformat images with the size of 100 cm x 50 cm achieved by two separate scans of the lower and upper regions of the patient's body with each scan taking 5 to 8 s;
3. Carm rotation (100 degrees) allows for imaging patient spine in AP and LP views;
4. The special algorithm of density equalization of the digital image makes it possible to rapidly obtain a high diagnostic quality image, where both the bone structure and soft tissues are presented in the same image, thus simplifying interpretation considerably;
5. Carm precision scanning mechanism is compact and fits into the space under the tablesupport device. As a result, the TRAUMASCAN is an exceptionally compact system that allows it to be accommodated in a smallsize Xray room.
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