Sell Wholesale Boletus Edulis, China Boletus Edulis.

Wholesale Boletus Edulis, China Boletus Edulis. You May Also Be Interested In: black truffle boletus boletus edulis morchella conica morel mushroom
We are specializing in wild edible fungus such as:
1. Morchella Esculenta, (Morels, Morchella Conica, Morchella Mushrooms, )
2. Boletus Edulis, (boletus, King Bolete, Cep, Steipilz, Porcini)
3. Truffles, (Black Truffle, Tuber Indicum)

Products: Fresh goods, Dried goods, Keep-cold goods.
Packing: Food-fresh-keeping bags+Boxes+Caron.
Morels: 9KG/Carton. Carton Size: 72L*31W*46H cm
Truffles: 10KG/Carton. Carton Size: 40L*36.5W*21.5H cm
Boletus Edulis: 9KG/Carton. Carton Size: 55L*43W*33H cm

We also wholesale other kind of mushrooms.

We supply Morchella Esculenta, Morel, Morels, Morchella Conica, Morchella Mushrooms, Yellow Morel, Boletus Edulis, King Bolete, Truffles, Black Truffle, Tuber Indicum, Agaricus BlazeiMurill, Agaricus, ABM, Himematsutake, Yellow Morel, Honeycomb Morel, mushroom.

We supply Morchella Esculenta, supply Morels, supply Morchella Conica, supply Boletus Edulis, supply King Bolete, supply Boletus, supply Truffles, supply Black Truffle.
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