Sell Wide dynamic IP camera

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Main features:

-Adopt advanced 1/3DPS(digital pixel system) with WDR (wide dynamic range) image sensor.
- DPS image sensor with per pixel analog to digital converter.
-Wide dynamic range: 95dB typical, 120dB maximum.
-Horizontal resolution of 520TV Line captures sharp & crisp images after multi-exposures.
-High sensitivity, low smear, color reproduction and high anti-blooming
-Sharp & crisp images are captured as well as possible both for every dark pixel and every bright pixel after optimizing multi-exposures.
-Adopt advanced DSP (digital signal pixel) technology & huge software for up-grading on-line.
- Support multiple video output interfaces.
- Easy installation and adjustment, built-in motion detection.
-Support removal motion detection, send email to specified mailbox.
- Support P/T/Z agreement and preset.
- Support alarm input / output function.
- Support multiple channels, full screen & circle display.
- Built-in hardware lock function, avoid random by peoples.