Sell Wii Modchip WODE JUKEBox

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The Ultimate Wii Solderless Modchip!

Note: Works on all version Wii drives, but will not play dvd backups on the D3-2, only ISO backups. DVD backups will work on all other versions.

WODE is an optical drive emulator and solderless modchip rolled into one.
It is also much more than that.
It can run homebrew type applications without the need to install the homebrew channel on your Wii.
This means that it can never be blocked by nintendo updates!
The WODE comes in two parts.
The first part goes inside your Wii, just like traditional solderless modchips and attaches to the dvd drive board.
The second part is an external base/docking station for you Wii. Built into this is a slave pcb with and lcd screen, usb and sd connections.
The WODE runs on a flexible and powerful Linux kernel, allowing the possibility for hundreds of exciting new applications.
The possibilities are endless.
With the WODE Jukebox, you are turning your wii into a true multimedia centre.


- Play Wii & GC game ISOs direct from USB Mass Storage devices @8X read speed (HDD and FLASH drive)
- Complete Solder free install solution
- Easy to use GUI - LCD & Joystick - NO homebrew software required (no any update of console SO can block this device)
- Region hack, Update blocker, Autoboot.
- Passthrough with FLAT-MOD mode built-in, play your DVD-R Wii & GC backups and Imports @3X read speed
- Powerful ARM9 MCU
- Totally Flexible Linux Kernel
- USB hub support for multiple USB devices connection

- Great File System support - use existing WBFS formatted media or 'drag and drop' ISOs to existing USB devices

- Future updates will bring more cool features:
* Disc ripping to WBFS
* USB WiFi & SAMBA streaming
* Torrent & eMule download Client