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sheWild Ginseng Capsule
---Made of ginsenosides, the main active ingredients extracted from high-quality wild ginseng growing in the virgin forest with an altitude from 1500m to 2000m with the latest advanced biotechnology in the world, this product can significantly improve central nervous system, immunity, blood circulation and blood lipids, inhibit tumor, prevent AIDS, resist diseases, increase cardiac contraction, regulate endocrine and genital function and relieve diseases such as shock, insomnia and amnesia, and cardio cerebral vascular diseases etc. It is a precious natural food supplement to keep healthy and prolong lifespan.
Unique Features of Wild Ginseng Capsule:
1. Powerful Anti-cancer Function
2. Anti-aging, anti-radiation and providing extra body vitality.
3. Enhancing constitution and heart function, soothing nerves and prolonging life.
4. Effectively preventing diabetes and cardiovascular diseases
Mechanism of Action:
1. Control proliferation of tumor cells, and trigger them to apoptosis
2. Enlarge veins by acting on endodermis cells, stimulate blood circulation, increase blood flow of coronary artery and other important viscera
3. Hold back toxicity in cerebral and nerve cells caused by glutamine
4. Enhance immunity of the body, increase activity of natural killer cells
Applicable for:
1. The valetudinary and those with decreased immunity;
2. Diabetic, tumor and hypertension patients;
3. The white-collar, fatigue adults and students.
Main Ingredients: wild ginseng extracts, MCC, medical starch
Specification: 500mg*60 capsules
Usage & Dosage: twice/day, 1-2capsules/time
Storage: Sealed and store in cool, dry and dark conditions
Cautions: For adult only and not applicable for women in pregnancy and baby-nursing period
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A) Traditional sales: with brand names of our own: Retail and Wholesale
B) The OEM & ODM Service mode: customize, According to your requirements, mark your label, your contact information etc.
C) Raw material, semi-finished ginseng products and finid products
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