Sell Wild ginseng capsule-powerful anti-cancer function

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Ginseng that is called The King of Herbs possesses such multiple unique functions as greatly improving weak constitution, prolonging life, anti cancer and enhancing body.

This product extracts 18 Monomer Ginsenosides from top quality wild Ginseng that grows in the non-polluted high mountain area at the altitude of 3500 meters and is refined with modern biotechnology in GMP standard factory. It has a distinct function for nourishment and preventing cancer, releasing fatigue and regulating central nervous system and metabolism.

1. Powerful Anti cancer Function
2. Anti-aging, anti-radiation and providing extra body vitality.
3. Enhancing constitution and heart function, soothing nerves and prolonging life.
4. Effectively preventing diabetes and cardiovascular diseases

Applicable for:
1. The valetudinary and those with decreased immunity;
2. Diabetic, cancer and hypertension patients;
3. The white-collar, fatigue adults and students.

Specification: 500mg*60 capsules
Main Ingredients: wild ginseng extracts, MCC, medical starch
Usage & Dosage: twice/day, 1-2capsules/time
Storage: Sealed and store in cool, dry and dark conditions
Cautions: For adult only and not applicable for women in pregnancy and baby-nursing period

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