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Rotor Diameter(m) :5m
Blade Material:Epoxy, plastic 3 pieces
Rated Wind Speed(m/s) :10
Startup Wind Speed(m/s) :3
Working Wind Speed(m/s) :3-25
Survival Wind Speed(m/s) :50
Rated Output Power(w) :5000
Max Output Power(Unit on several turbines) (w) :50 000
Rated Rotation(r/min) :300-500
Type of Generator:Permanent-magnet 3-phase
Speed Regulation:Lateral misalignment and Electromagnetic Brake
Working Voltage(v) :AC220V/50Hz(invertor, true sin / 110/60 (in order)
Tower height(m) :14- 27 m
Weight(exclude Tower) (kg) :170
Steel Mast Weight(kg) :550-1200 kg(4 designs)
Lifespan(years) :20years
Power for houses, water pump, TV, Fanner, charge, floodlight, washing machine ect.

1. Packing up Breeze 5000

-Wind generator Breeze 5000- 5000 * EXW
-Chopper switch + connecting cable 50 m
Designed to provide outside lighting, space and water heating in regions with annual wind speed up from 7 m/s.
2. Packing up "Breeze - Leader"- 9960 * EXW
-Wind generator Breeze 5000
-Connecting cable 50 m
-Batteries (acid) 6St-190: 8 pcs. x 12V, 190 А h
-Charge regulator
-Sinewave inverter 5 kW, 50 Hz
Designed to provide electric power in regions with annual wind speed up from 4 m/s.

3. Hybrid wind-diesel station "Breeze- Diesel +"-15800 * EXW
-Wind generator "Breeze 5000"
-Connecting cable 50 m
-Charge regulator
-Batteries (acid) 6St-190: 8 pcs. x 12V, 190 А h
-Sinewave inverter 5 kW, 220V/50 Hz
-Diesel generator
-DG operation controller
-Diesel load controller
Designed to provide electric power in regions with diverse wind speed, even if its less then 3 m/s. It can work as an add-on to a power grid.
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
100 units per month
Available Colors
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
Model Number
Breeze 5000
Minimum Order Quantity
Power Requirements
110 or 240 volts, 50/60 hz
Patents or Trademarks
Patent # 41498
Terms of Payment
100% prepay, L/C, other
Terms of Sale
FOB St.Petersburg
Warranty Coverage
labor and materials 365 days