Sell Wind-Solar Hybrid Street Lighting System

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Wind generator and solar cell can generate independently or co-generate together. They can use wind energy in cloudy and rainy days or at night, or solar energy in a windless day, so as to generate complementally with wind energy and solar energy. At the same time, the system is equipped with an accumulator, which can ensure the normal working of the lighting system under a windless and non-sunlight condition.

The wind-solar hybrid lighting system can illuminate without city power or other external electric power. The required wind power and solar energy are green and clean natural energy sources and do not bring environemental pollution. The products are applicable for road lighting, court lighting, landscape lighting and advertising lamp and so on, in both cities and villages.

The system is composed of: wind generator, solar panel, controller, lamp post, battery pack and lamp.
Brand Name
zk energy
ce,Special Gold Medal at 35th Geneva International Inventions Ex
Model Number
Type No.&3AFD1.5-0.30/10C