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Design and manufacture of winding machine
The four-dimensional multiple working position automatic winding machine designed and manufactured by our company has multiple alternative tension control system. It works under high stability and reliability. The high-precision and high-speed winding process is controlled automatically by software and the four shafts work together. The winding line types include helical line, hoop line, dwelling line, polar line and zero line. This machine has a high degree of automation and advanced technology, is easy to operate and convenient to service and maintain. The technology in this machine has reached the level of international products of same type.

Main technical parameters:
Winding diameter: 300mm-400mm
Resolving power of main shaft and winding head 0.3/pulse
Winding length:1800mm
Location precision: 0.3mm/300mm
Winding angle 00~900
Repeated location precision: <=0.01mm
Winding precision: 10.2mm
Control system: adopt Siemens CNC system digital AC servo motor
Tension control 3-5ON. Coordinate control: four coordinates work together, main shaft and other feed coordinate are controlled by velocity and location
Range of winding head swinging angle:1800
Winding line types: helical, hoop, dwelling, polar and zero line
Winding head rotate speed:0-100r/min
Winding core formwork: cylindrical, orbicular and tapered core form work, and combined core formwork
Main shaft rotate speed 0-120r/min,100m/min
Tension control: user can choose mechanical, Type of fiber: carbon fiber, glass fiber, etc
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
Minimum Order Quantity
Warranty Coverage
1 year