Sell Window and Door Security Shields

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Window Security Shields are an Heavy Duty Galvanized Perforated Metal, to protect Windows & Doors against al kinds of threats! Frame: Architectonic designed, heavy gauge, two-part aluminium construction. Screen: The construction of the screen of galvanised metal consisting of a stainless steel, perforated matrix provide a 51% up to 60% free area.

Installed from the outside Window Security Shields primarily prevents and minimizes damage through vandalism and acts of violence. In high-risk business locations, Window Security Shields can contribute to an increase of the general feeling of safety for your employees. Window Security Shields discourages the occasional thief to break in.

Installed on the inside of the framework, Window Security Shields is the ideal solution to prevent breaking and entering. Before the burglar actually gets through the Window Security Shields the burglar alarm has already been activated.