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The using of the computer has brought us a lot of convenience, meanwhile quantities of trivial maintenance work has turned up and makes us in troubles. We will always encounter the attack of the virus hake, the disturb of the rascal software, the malicious breakage, the inaccurate operation, the privately software installation and so on in our maintenance work, which may cause the loss of our data and breakage of your system. , besides it does harm to the company or the individual and brings troubles to the maintenance work. Therefore, it's extremely necessary to install and use Windows Icebox, which will not only set you free from the trivial maintenance work, but also avoid the loss of the company or the individual efficiently.

It does the security work of the file and the operating system through the methods, the main functions of it are as following:

1. "Freeze" Partition: It is to divided and solidify the designated HD into partitions just like CD. It is temporary for you to do any operation to the partitions that is frozen, and it will resume immediately after you turn off the computer. So any attacks will useless.

2. Opened Folders: This function is relative to the Freeze Partition. We often use some catalogues of the Freeze Partition, such as My Document and the Desktop, which are required to be revised and reserved. To this kind of catalogues, you can set them as the Opened Folder, that is to say you can succeed in revising and reserving the catalogues but not affecting your using habit.

3. File Lockfast (Secret Area) : It is a perfect place to reserve your top-secret files, without the password no one can see your files.

4. Lock the file: Since the space of the File Lockfast is limited, to the common files, it is secure to add a lock to your documents. Nobody can copy, edit, delete your locked files.

5. File Comminution: The information of the deleted files are still in the computer even if you have cleaned up the recycle bin, it still can be resumed. Using the "File Comminution" you can comminute and delete the files thoroughly then your future troubles are surely to be eliminated.
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