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Wine Boxes made of solid wood, they are not only a wooden wine packing boxes, but also beautiful handcrafted unfinished wooden gift boxes, . Wood used for this wine box is named radiation pine which is also called New Zealand pine, it is kind of wood that meets FSC certification . This pine wood is not from the natural forests but from plantation forests, thus the usage of this pine is no harm to our human living environments. This unfinished wood wine box is for six bottles, outer size of box is 350x500x12cm. Frames of wine box are made of 4 pieces of sole wood panels, they are in thickness of 1.2cm. Frames jointed by nails only, there is no glue used. Top and bottom of wine box made up of two equal size pine panels respectively. Two panels jointed by tongue and groove way, the tongue can slide into the groove smoothly and hold fast. Top and bottom of wine box also nailed to frames, no glue.
Inside of wine box there are two removable dividers that in thickness of 0.8cm. They are inserted to grooves cut in the right and left side of frames. As the six bottles are placed in up and down ways, three 8cm and three 3.5cm in diameter holes are cut on each divider to hold the bottles bodies and necks. Each divider is divided into two parts, you put down parts of the dividers to the box first then place the bottles, finally you put the upper parts of dividers to the box, all the six bottles will be held safely. There are two pieces of 0.5cm thick EVA panels on the inside of front and back frames, bottom sand tops of bottles will not collide into frames directly. Raw material of wood wine box kiln dried, thus wine box can keep stable character, it will not distort or bend over time. All wood panels are selected before production, there are no dead knots, no rots. Surface of wine box machine sanded first then hand sanded again, thus the wine box has very smooth surface, no spurs left.
As all the wood panels are sole panels not spelled, there are very beautiful wooden patterns on each panel. These patterns are unique, you never find a same one in the world. In the center of top, there is heat burn company logo. All the characters are clearly burn into wood, they can last long time without fading. On four frames of wine box, there are also heat bun logos. This wooden box strong enough for six bottles, it is elegant in design, beautiful in appearance. If you remove the two dividers, this wooden box can also be used as a useful wooden gift storage box.
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