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The Mook Yan Yong has always been a crucial part of the training of the dedicated Wing Chun practitioner. This is a fact, regardless the spelling of the style "Wing Chun". So far it has been a difficult task to obtain a quality wise good and reliable Mook Yan Yong, which is also accurate in its measurements.
Accuracy in measurements is of vital importance to the execution of the Wing Chun technigues: if the measurements are inaccurate, the Wing Chun practitioner will develop wrong postures, which logically results in deminished effectivity and which imbreach the tradition.

Furthermore it is important that the kind of wood, of which the Mook Yan Yong is made, is of a "good" quality: tough and durable. Most of the contemporary Mook Yan Yong build (even by companies) , are constructed of an inferior kind of wood. An inferior kind of wood results in cracking of the Mook Yan Yong body on the short or intermediate term (after three years) . This cracking of the wood usually occurs at the cross-section of the two "upperarms", and only gets worse in time.
It also happens that a Mook Yan Yong is constructed using cut out sections of wood, this is done because it is difficult (and expensive !) , to obtain a large enough piece of wood suitable to make a solid-piece Mook Yan Yong. The result is a sectionnated, glued, bound together bunch of wood, which can be functional, but nevertheless a compromise and also esthetically a disaster.
The biggest danger though, when importing Mook Yan Yong from Asia (mostly from Hong Kong) , is the fact that due to humidity differences (up to 90 % in Asia) , the wood begins to crack upon arrival.
Nowadays "modern" Mook Yan Yong are made using PVC as a basic material. Apart from the fact that a plastic dummy is unacceptable for the Wing Chun traditionalist, the training in itself with the PVC dummy is a whole different dimension. This in regard to the molecular density of a (Teak) wooden Mook Yan Yong, which enables the Wing Chun practitioner to actually hear, whether one really executes one's technigues with knowledge or whether one just hits the Mook Yan Yong.
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