Sell Wiping paper

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Product Name:Wiping Paper
Materials with homogeneity and durability, preventing static, no wool, particle-free, controlling the dirty particles which made by scratching, and effective wiping ;
The product is soft and fluffy, no damage for product surface when wiping . and it is the best product for removing oil ;
Resisting tearing in length and breadth of product ;
Good absorbency and humidity

Applied on indicating monitors, assembly circuit, LCD, PCB, optical electron components, light two-electrode valve, assembly components

Part Number:MS-F03
Product Name:wipping paper roll

The product is made from micro-fibre material which is a kind of dust-free, little particles out, designed in roll style. It has good tensile property and help you cost down.
The product is effective on absorbing water and good dusting absorption

SMT production line; production line for semiconductor assembling; disc driver; compound materials; precision apparatus ; optical products ; aviation industry ; PCB products ; medicine equipments ; Lab
Technology parameter: P. N.
Roller heart

Part Number:MS-F03
Product Name:SMT Stencil Roll
Technical Parameters:
Component: Polyester 45%
Cellulose 55%
Specification: 68g/m2
1. Non textile flock or dust
2. Soft nature of the material, no scratch on the cleaning target
3. Strong liquid absorption ability
4. Without any chemical adhesive
Roll type cleaning cloth Machine model Cleaning cloth Internal paper (plastic) roll
Width(mm) Length(mm) External
diameter(mm) Width(mm) Length(mm) External
MPM 445 10 56 455 19 24
DEK 52