Sell Wire Mesh Cable Tray Reducer

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Introduction of Cable Tray Systems:

Cable trays are widely used as temporary usage of electric power in building site, industry and mining enterprise, decoration and mending where adopt the electric power of 220V and 380V.
Wire mesh cable trays are used extensively for data cables and low voltage installations, steel wire tray has become increasingly popular with installers thanks to its ease of use, flexibility and lightweight structure. They are appropriate for Sensitive cables such as control cables, optical cables, telecommunication cables, etc.

The Installation time of wire mesh cable trays is reduced and no expensive preformed fittings have to be specially planned for or ordered. Fast, simple shaping can be carried out entirely on site. A bolt cutter, screw driver and a wrench are the only tools required to create the most complex of cable runs. A wide range of unique supports improves installation time even more. The tray is so easy to manipulate, one person can install a system unaided.

Common used material: Steel, Stainless Steel
Mode: Top curved / Top Straight
Surface Finish: Zinc-plating, Powder-coated
Powder Coating Color: Optional

We are able to design styles in various specifications according to the drawings and/or samples by the clients.

The choice of materials is a matter of the physical and mechanical properties produced by each, compared against the intended function, as well as the environment, in which the trays are to be installed.

A) . Zinc-plating cable trays are suitable for indoor use. The place where cold zinc-plating cable
B) . Powder-coated cable trays should be carried out in alkali and salt corrosion free site.
C) . Zinc-plating plus Powder-coated would be better.

Wire Mesh Cable Tray Reducers:
Connect wire mesh cable tray straight sections of different width.
Material Type Stainless Steel - 1.4404 - 316 Stainless Steel - 1.4301 - 304
Wire Thickness 4mm for tray widths 75 - 200mm 5mm for tray widths 300 - 400mm
Tray Length 3.0 Metres
Material Finish Matt
Wall Height 60mm (nominal)
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
60 Ton Per Month
Condition of Goods
Model Number
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