Sell Wire Mesh Dutch Weave for Filtration

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We mainly produce Wire Mesh Dutch Weave in two weaving patterns, Twilled Dutch Weave and Plain Dutch Weave, in a variety of materials:
Mild Steel
Stainless Steel
Galvanized Steel

Twilled Dutch Weave Plain Dutch Weave

The Twilled Dutch Weave offers higher strength than regular Dutch Weaves. It packs even more wires in a given area. Generally, this weave has finer mesh counts and lower flow than other Dutch Weaves and can be made to filter particles as fine as 2 microns in diameter.
The Plain Dutch Weave is primarily used as a filter cloth. the openings slant diagonally through the cloth and cannot be seen by looking directly at the cloth. This weave has a coarser mesh and wire in the warp direction and a finer mesh and wire in the shute direction, giving a very compact, firm mesh with great strength.

Wire Mesh Plain Dutch Weave
Wire Mesh Twilled Dutch Weave
Gauge Mesh Wire Diameter Reference values of particles passed
40 10x64 0.55x0.42 260
50 12x75 0.45x0.35 220
80 24x110 0.35x0.25 160
100 25x140 0.28x0.20 100
120 30x150 0.25x0.18 80
140 35x180 0.20x0.16 70
160 40x200 0.18x0.13 60
180 45x220 0.16x0.12 56
200 50x250 0.15x0.11 50
240 60x300 0.14x0.09 45
260 65x320 0.13x0.08 36
280 70x400 0.125x0.07 34
300 80x700 0.11x0.039 32
Gauge Mesh Wire Diameter Reference values of particles passed
80II 20x250 0.28x0.2 38
120II 30x300 0.25x0.18 36
200II 50x500 0.14x0.11 34
320I 80x700 0.11x0.08 32
320II 80x780 0.10x0.07 30
360 90x780 0.10x0.07 25
400I 100x780 0.10x0.07 22
400II 100x900 0.10x0.063 20
500 120x1100 0.07x0.05 17
630 150x1400 0.063x0.04 16
650 180x1800 0.07x0.04 14
685 165x1400 0.063x0.032 13
795I 200x1400 0.07x0.04 12
795II 200x1800 0.05x0.032 10
850 2l0x1900 0.045x0.03 10
1000 250x2000 0.045x0.028 8
1125 280x2200 0.036x0.026 7
1225 300x2200 0.036x0.026 6
1280 325x2300 0.035x0.025 5
1600 400x2800 0.03x0.018 3

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