Sell Wire Mesh For FIltering Liquid And Gas

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Material: stainless steel wire red copper wire galvanized wire polyamide fiber wire F46#wire.
Weaving and characteristic:link weaving
Uses: It is used in the petroleum chemistry metallurgy machine medicine making automobile industries etc.

Technical Information:
Wire mesh for filtering liquid and gas
model kinds specifications( mm) material area/weight
40-100 0.1W0.4 Stainless Steel wire 1/0.5
60-150 0.1W0.4 " "
140-40 0.1W0.4 " "
40-100 0.27 Galvnaized lead wire 1/0.7
40-100 0.1W0.4 Red copper wire
40-100 0.25 polyamide fiber wire
40-100 0.2 Polythyene
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