Sell Wireless Automatic Vacuum Cleaner M288A

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Color : Metallic Silver
Battery charger : GS/CE, UL certificate

Character :
Automatically cleans your floor while you enjoy life
* Stair Avoidance Detector
* Non-Marring Bumper
* Virtual Wall Detector
* Wall Following Sensor
* Can be controlled by infrared remote controller
* Can be return to charge automatically
* Use improved main brush with new S screwy shape, it cleans floor more deeply and quickly.

Self-adjusting cleaning head automatically traverses uneven floor transitions as it cleans carpet, hardwood,
Linoleum, tiles.
Easily slide out the bag-less particle bin to discard the dirt that it picked up.
Remote Controller can operate the work in different directions.
The cleaning time can be set by charging base plate.
If the battery is about to be run out, the cleaner will automatically stop and seek charging base plate for charging.


Input Voltage : 100-240V
Output Voltage : 24V DC
Voltage of battery : 14.4V (12pcs 1.2V Ni-Cd batteries)
Unit Average Power : 19W~25W
Suction Power : 3.00W
Airflow : 63.6dm3/m
Dust capacity : 0.25L
Battery Capacity : 1500mA
Charge time : 4-5hrs
Working time : 45-60minutes
Unit size : 34x6cm
Materials: ABS, PP
Approval: RoHS CE

Virtual wall unit, batteries charger, rechargeable battery pack, clean brush, charging base plate,
Spoons, side brush, filter, operating manual, remote controller

Packing :

Carton size : 58.1x44.1x55.8cm
760pcs/20 container 1,600pcs/40 container 1,860pcs/40 HQ