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1. present conditions in baby nursing
A. Shortage of paper diaper:
Paper diaper has disputed hidden trouble despite good helper for young mothers!
1: easy to place a premium on disease
Baby will feel uncomfortable on wet paper diapers that often lead to diaper anthema and itch.
2: affect mental healthy
Experts noted that use of paper diaper for long time is likely to reduce the early mental training chance and affect the subsequent mental development of baby. When the signal of pee did not get response, it may cause severe bedwetting even pee incontinence as time goes by. Some teachers said a few of students of primary school often go to toilet cause the fleer from other students. Psychologist noted that this has great disadvantage to personality development and will lead to society communication problems.
3: affect physical development
Unfit paper diaper will affect the testicle growth of baby boy. It will also bring great vaginal infection chance of baby girl.
4: damage tender skin of baby
The Sodium Polyacrylate component of paper diaper may cause partial dehydration of skin because of the strong bibulous power. Some dye components will bring heavy damage to nerve center, liver and kidney.
5: Paper diaper may cause light O legs.
B. Difficulties in baby nursing
Diaper anthema is considered as stubborn illness by many parents. The reasons as follows: Baby did not leave the high humidity environment despite taking medicine. The best way to avoid this situation is that use traditional cotton diaper and notice wet so that change the diaper timely.
It has been proved that even the best paper diaper will still bring great damage to baby's health if long-time using.
Experts noted that the traditional cotton diaper is the best choice for baby. Its soft, ventilate and economical. So here comes the problem: how to know when the baby will pee?
The wireless baby bed-wetting warner developed by our company will solve this problem. When the baby is peeing, the sensor will send the signal to main processor after delayed process. When the pee is over, the main processor will sound alarm: Mom, its time to change diaper with soft background music. This product can fit various common diapers hereby solving parents 'worry and saving the cost.
2. Features
A. Cartoon appearance adopted: Not only can be used as a multi-functional product, but also a toy
B. Exact human voice warning: soft music, nice voice: Mom, its time to change diaper
C. Flashing alarm: even the elder with poor ear will see the flashing alarm to change the diaper.
D. Unique delayed program: avoid affrighting the baby when peeing
E. Intelligent monitoring function: the alarm will continue unless the diaper is changed. That will avoid the lost notice.
F. Wireless design: alarm device can be put in parents room without disturbing the baby.
G. Special lithium ion battery: it can be rechargeable, more convenient and economical
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Wireless Baby bedwetting Warner
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red or yellow
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ZL 2004 2 0026743.8
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Standby time of battery 3-6month