Sell Wireless Burglary Alarm Kit

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Wireless Burglary Alarm Kit:
* 24 hours monitor.
* Intelligent identification of alarming condition.
* Burglary calling function.
* Remote phone control function.
* Emergency alarm & SOS.
* Emergency backup power supply.
* Spot monitor.
* Recording.
* Automatic dialing.
* Memory saving . . . . . . . .
The related specification:
* Time delay/instant arming selection, time delay arming time selection.
*Time delay/instant alarm selection, time delay alarm & arming selection.
* Alarm whistle time selection, alarm whistle volume selection.
* Sound/unvoiced alarm selection, break detectionfunction selection.
* Automatic dialing function, master station disarming on encryption function.
* Master station reset on encryption select, partial arming function select.
* Remote control master station function, alarmingcentre online function.
Supply Capacity
3000-5000 Units Per Month
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