Sell Wireless Flashgun with TTL Trigger (for Nikon)

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Product Introduction
1. TR-331 is using FSK 2.4GHz frequency channel, 15 specific channels .
2. Operating distance range is 65M or above.
3. The display is protected by coating; its not easy to get scratch.
4. LCD is showing Channel, Battery life and Function mode.
5. Multi-control is available.
6. Through the camera to send the data
7. Compatible with all Nikon DSLR cameras.
8. Compatible with Nikon SB-900, SB-800, SB-600, SB-400 flash gun.
9. Support all of the shutter speed, up to 1/8000 sec.
10. Available to use on the studio light through PC socket.
11. Transmitter stand-by time: 1000 hours above (CR2 lithium battery)
12. Receiver stand-by time: 500 hours above (CR2 lithium battery)

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Question and Solutions

A, this product is using Nikons own advantages to achieve various functions, first TR-331 can be achieved the function only belong to the Nikon camera and flash, Its not means TR-331 bring to the endless innovation, but TR-331 does have a lot of features that Nikon can not do
1, Remote distance
2, It can fire multiple flash with I-TTL function simultaneously for a distance
3, It support the original, deputy factory flash fire at the same time with I-TTL flash mode.
4, Studio lights can also be achieved the maximum sync speed to 1/8000S

B, The answers for the questions raised.

Q: In the testing process if mis-fires take place?
A: TR-331 uses high-rate bidirectional communication FSK2.4GHz wireless remote control system , in this situation you can adjust the communication channels. As you know 2.4GHz frequency channel is a global channel, so its easy be interfered, please understand for the inconvenience .

Q: If the exposure for the first fires is abnormal?
A: TR-331 does not support hot-plug hot-drawing feature, In use, Make sure that turn off the camera power supply then installed all equipment, If install TR-331 in the power status Will Cause the abnormal exposure , and if the Nikon flash is insufficient power will also cause the abnormal fire, especially for SB-800.

Q:When using the Nikon flash with TR-331, open Nikons CLS flash system, flash menu will be hidden?
A:When Nikon flash did not connect with the camera we cant sure some function are possible for use ( hidden part) , If we put the flash on the top of camera a part Menu will still hidden suppose cameras power is not turned on, only need connect the camera with flash then turned on the camera and flashs power, the available function will not hidden

Q: TR-331 can not be on the camera or TR-331TX control multiple R-331RX flash with different exposure compensation?
A:TR-331 is not a system for flash but a communication system. So It cant adjust the different exposure compensation for different flash on TR-331RX .
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