Sell Wireless Home Security Systems

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power:9VDC(power adapter convert)
standby power:DC9V(chargeable battery)
working frequency:433MHZ or 315MHZ
remote control distance :more than 30m(open position)
alarm current :190mA
Static current :30mA
alarm delay :2.5Min
alarm volume :more than 90db
detect angle :120degree
detect distance :9m. MAX(less than 24degree)
installing height :2m-2.5m

1. It gathers sense, alarm and dial.
2. two dial methods-tone (T) and pulse(P) is choice.
3.4 groups telephone number can be saved.
4. after power cut off, the saved information will not lose.
5. long -distance monitor hearing scene function.
6. long -distance intermit alarming and dialing function.
7. you can use remote controller to operate panic , arm and disarm .

control panel(battery include)
power adapter(input 11VAC/230VAC. output 9VDC, current 1000mA. )
remote controller -FS-4. (battery include)
PIR sensor -LX-AL8
door magnetism-LX-DM1