Sell Wireless Infant Quilt-Kicking warner

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1. present conditions in baby nursing:
A. Parents worry
Parents always worry about the baby kicking away the blanket without noticing timely, hereby lead to catching cold.
B. Baby catches cold or has other relative illness
Medical research shows that every degree drop of body temperature, the body immunity will decrease 30%. It will surely lead to illness if babys blanket is kicked away without notice.
The Child Wireless Quilt-Kicking alarms we solve this problem entirely. When the blanket is kicked away, it will flash and sound voice alarm: Mom, the blanket is kicked away with the soft music. Your baby will never catch cold due to the quilt-kicking without notice.
2. Features
A. Cartoon appearance adopted: not only can be used as a product, but also a toy
B. Exact human voice warning: soft music with many styles, nice voice: Mom, the blanket is kicked away
C. Flashing alarm: even the elder with poor ear will see the flashing alarm reminding them to recover the blanket
D. Intelligent monitoring function: the alarm will continue unless the blanket is recovered. That will avoid the seldom lost notice.
E. Use microelectronic wireless transmission technology: alarm device can be put in parents room without disturbing the baby.
F. Patented detecting technology: the detecting device is nipped on baby's quilt, it does not have to touch baby avoiding any bother.
G. Special lithium ion battery: It can be rechargeable, more convenient and economical
Brand Name
ZL 2004 2 0026743.8
Available Colors
red or yellow
Condition of Goods
Model Number
Power Requirements
3-12v 315MH
Patents or Trademarks
ZL 2004 2 0026743.8
Terms of Sale
FOB New York
Warranty Coverage
Standby time of battery 3-6month