Sell Wireless Interlinking (RF) Photelectric Smoke Alarm

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1. Smoke detection: Photoelectric reflection principle
2. Sound output: Min. 85 dB at 3m
3. Sound character: 2/3 different sounds
4. Alarm light indicator (LED) : Steady LED on master unit,
Flashing LED on Slave units
5. Silencer feature: 10 minutes sensitivity reduction
6. Smoke sensitivity (nominal) : 2.3%/FT. +-1.0%/FT
7. Power supply: 9V Alkaline battery (included)
8. Battery life: Min. one year
9. Low battery warning signal: At least 30 days
10. Current consumption: Max 20mA
11. Size and weight: Height 25mm, 95mm, 150g
12. No. of units: Un-limited
13. No. of codes: Tot. 16, incl 1 with priority
14. Transmission range: Depending on local radio
15. Frequency range: 434.33MHz
16. Radio approval: R&TTE CE
17. Others: Self test & re-calibration
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