Sell Wireless LCD Voice Home Alarm System

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1. Blue LCD digital display feature.
2. Handle process have English menu display, key and voice clew, easy to handle.
3. Blue LCD display, clock data real time display, handle content and work estates clarity and simple.
4. History record include time, main host states, handle content or alarm kind and many importance information, Don; T lost forever.
5. Exceed zone have 128 wireless zone.
6. Wireless detector has self-inspection feature and send information to main unit about work working status, daily maintenance more convenience.
7. Network feature: Can be used as single unit and also can contact with monitor center.
8. Arm, away-arm, away mute arm, stay arm function keys for choice.
9. Alarm priority function, can first dial-up alarm function.
10. Each zone can be set in activate or deactivate status respectively.
11. Each detector can be set independence.
12. Each detector can be set if have destroy detector alarm function.
13. Optional voice alarm and mute alarm for spot area.
14. Built-in AC adapter and rechargeable battery.
15. When alarm the most unit used English voice told you the alarm area, alarm zone and what kind of alarm (fire, gas and so on) .


1. 128 wireless zone alarm: Detector log in main host automatically, user can define alarm type. Every wireless zone can be set away-arm and stay-arm.
2. 9 groups telephone alarm: When unite alarm, the first number must be the phone number of the monitor station, others 8numbers are normal phone number or mobile phone.
3. Alarm disposal: When pick up telephone, you can hear the voice about the alarm place, alarm style and 20 seconds spot listen-in, you can replay the alarm record, start the siren, can deactivate this alarm and switch on arm, disarm.
4. Message recording: The host can keep record for 100pcs message for arm, away-arm, mute arm, stay arm, convenient for anytime inquire and alarm affair disposal.
5. Remote assess function: With remote telephone to dial the phone number in the host, after password confirmation, you can process disarm, arm, start the siren and spot listen in
6. Arm and disarm: You can arm and disarm by the remote controller or the panel, or telephone from outside, can select to send the arm /disarm message to the monitor center or not
7. Priority alarm function: No matter call in or out or busy, the main host will firstly dial out for alarming.