Sell Wireless LED Panel

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The LED screen we supply can be installed in areas covered by wireless signals. Distant control of the LED screen can be maintained through wireless signals, GSM signals or GPRS signals.

The screen uses dotted light-emmitting diodes and has memory for words or images, which can be displayed one after another in an upward direction or in an forward direction.

If the LED screen is controlled by way of short message, it can be applied in any area that is covered by telecom network. It is widely used in railway system, advertising boards, and other places.

Technical Parameters
Index Items Indoor, single base color Indoor, double base colors
Pixel diameter 3.75mm 5.0mm 3.75mm 5.0mm
Distance between dots 4.8mm 7.6mm 4.8mm 7.6mm
Dot density 42801 17129 42801 17129
Module size 8W8 8W8 8W8 8W8
maximum power consumption 400W/m2 200W/m2 700W/m2 300W/m2
Pigment constitution 1R(G) 1R(G) 1R 1GY 1R 1GY
colors 1R(G) 3(R G Y)
Control mode Wireless control: paging / SMS short message/ GPRS, compatible serial communication
Gray degree 2
Communication distance Signal network covered area
Frame frequency Over 100HZ
Drive mode 1/16 scan
Visial distance 3~30m
Receiving unit FM receiver +MODEM / GSM module+MODEM
Working temperature 0 -20~65
Working humidity 10~80%
Temperature for storage 0 -50~90
Humidity for storage 5~95%
Duration Over 8 years