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Wireless remote control laser pointer is a multifunctional briefing tool integrating the laser pointer, flash disk, and PowerPoint page control. This product is widely used in the product demonstration, electronic teaching, business speech, business training and meeting etc. It is a necessary briefing tool for the teacher, salesman, marketing person, human resource office and professional manager. The user can control the flow within 15m range around the computer. With the laser pointers functions, the user has more flexibility in the multimedia teaching and speech (such as Word/Excel/PowerPoint/HTML etc. ) . The user not only shows his/her personal talent, but also makes the speech livelier. We can also customize the service for the users. It can be used as the gifts for various activities, which can improve your company image.
Technical Features:
1. PgUp/PgDn, laser pen and laser pointer;
2. Beautiful appearance and portable mini-pen design;
3. RF technology, remote control distance up to 12m, no need to point to the receiver, true wireless experience;
4. 12m range, no need to appoint a special person to operate the personal computer or laptop, makes the business lecture, briefing demonstration and classroom teaching easy;
5. Applicable to Windows 98/2000/Me/Xp;
6. Support the demonstration of various files and the browse of web and e-book;
7. Plug-in USB interface, no driver;
8. Powered by movable and replaceable battery;
9. Beautiful packaging, used for gift;
10. One year warranty
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