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Transmission rate: 2.4 KHz various rolling code remote control implement/ code remote control implement that my company produces, rolling code superheterodyne receives and dispatches module/ launching a module adopt the SMD technology without exception , equipment is all in readiness in stabilizing frequency having handled the low temperature adopt the most advanced sound form resonator (SAW) component , producing strict before the handicraft is advanced , the entrance instrument debugging, leaving the factory QC , height add ageing.

Apply range: Apply to the garage door , electric the rolling curtain door , the expansion and shrinkage door , remote control broadly pull a sluice gate; Be that GSM/GPS lathes warning and industrial control assorting with system and guarding against theft , remote sense telemetering , computer communication and safety defend against to wait for a field , apply to the complicated environment request also comparatively highly.

Frequency: 315/433.92Mhz
Voltage: 9~12V
DataRate: 10Kbps
Power: 6dbm
Current: 8~14mA
Dimension: 62.2*39*16.2mm
Modulate Mode: ASK

Operating mode: hopping code, fixed code, and learning code

With a long range and stable capability
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