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Our company designs, manufactures of KST-RF002 Series radio controller

The main Applied electric doors. Window. Lifting equipment, industrial control gateway, in areas such as Security Industry will enable to control Equipment to meet the electrical system of positive and reverse, or switch off the conversion, as well as control of various special way

The use of sequence, KST-RF002 Series radio controller performance and stability of their small size, then Admission with high sensitivity and the development and application of secondary convenient, flexible, and its optional wireless transmitter within the Any remote control or launch a module.

Second, interpretation of the code and its function:
-2. -3. -4. L. M. PC
Road to receive the control signal latch four three-way signal a temporary single-chip control
Cases: -2L (Rd wireless signal receiver latch controller)
Namely: A remote control key according to the corresponding relay A combined suction maintained by a remote control button B, A disconnect relay, B merge to keep smoking off electrical appliances, followed by the work cycle.
-3M (three-way wireless receiving signal temporary controller)

Namely: By a remote control key A corresponding to A relay pull-in, release the remote control key A Relay
Disconnected, followed by the work cycle.
-4PC (four single-chip radio program controller)
Namely: The use of single-chip microcomputer can control over any customer's specific control requirements.

Third, the main technical indicators
1. Operating voltage: 12V +0.5 V
2. Operating current: <= 3mA
3. Working temperature: -250C-650C
4. Receiver sensitivity: -100dBm
5. Operating frequency: 315MHz
6. The output voltage: AC Direct optional
7. Output voltage: <= 10A
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