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Wireless Parking Sensor System

Detailed Product Description
This model consists of:
1) 1 waterproof ECU with wireless emitter.
2) 4 waterproof ultrasonic sensors.
3) 1 warning unit: LED display with wireless receiver.
4) Accessories: User's manual, double-sided adhesive tape and screws.

1) Optimized design for use in long vehicle such as buses, trucks, caravans or
a) Easy installation based on long distance and reliable wireless transmission
b) Note: mount the waterproof sensors on the bumper and the waterproof
ECU on the chassis with an ordinary drill and a normal screw-driver, connect
the ECU's power cable to the reverse light, then connect the display's power
cable to the vehicle's ACC. When reverse gear is engaged, the system will be
activated automatically
c) With teach function, enabling the warning unit to work with any ECU/
sensors of the same model installed in different trailers
d) Waterproof ECU and waterproof sensors can work in all weather conditions
e) All types of ultrasonic sensors are available for this system, so this model
can be used in all vehicle models
f) About wireless data transmission:
i) Uses fully integrated RF module based on EZ radio technology
ii) Highly sensitive, stable and accurate FSK modulation
iii) Working frequency: 433.868 or 915MHz for option
iv) Low radiation and highly interference resistant in conformity with
FCC and ETSI standards
v) Data-emitting power: 6dBm (3.98mW)
vi) Receiving sensitivity: -106dBm (BER 1. E-3)
vii) The use of reliable communication agreement ensures the correct data
2) Powerful functions:
a) The minimum detection and display distance is 22cm, a person can be
detected when standing within 1.3 to 1.7m behind the vehicle
b) The elegant jitter-free LED display shows the distance with 0.01m
accuracy. Shows the direction or location of the obstacle
c) The speaker built in the display outputs a dulcet alarm at 800Hz, and its
volume is adjustable at 3 levels
d) The middle sensors start audible warning from 1.7m, while the corner
sensors start audible report from 1.0m
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30 days
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10-28, 868-950MHZ
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90 days